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Our Aims

We are a group of experienced and qualified educators and academics aiming to contribute to the prosperity of Hong Kong. We do so in two ways:

(1) train our young children and youths to become competent and confident English users who can not only master the language, but also communicate across cultures in order to succeed in todayˇ¦s highly globalized, pluralistic and competitive society; and

(2) provide language consultancy service to local small-medium enterprises who aim to develop their business both locally and internationally.

Our Services

A number of services in the form of courses, play groups, and consultancy work are now ready and accessible to you.

The following three types of service address our first aim:


Our Centres:

a. Playgroup (for kids aged 3 to 6)

Your kid will be learning English in a fun and stress-free way with the guidance of our experienced native English-speaking group facilitators. Language acquisition happens naturally and effectively when small kids are engaged in meaningful activities in which they have the chance to interact with their peers and the facilitator using English.

b. Private tuition (for P.1 to S.7 students)

We understand your concern for your kidsˇ¦ academic performance. Our professional teacher training and substantial teaching experience, particularly at secondary and tertiary level, will equip your kid with both English language proficiency and examination skills to excel in internal and public examinations.

c. Language consultancy service (for pre-P.1 and pre-S.1 students)

Your determination to send your kid to the best possible school shows how much you love him/her. We are here to help you with the preparation of CV or portfolio for your kid while applying for the best schools in town.


The following service attends to the needs of our ever thriving local small-medium enterprises ˇV

The need to produce written materials such as promotional leaflets, posters, reports, letters, etc. does not sound odd to you. A good piece of written work, in terms of its grammar, sentence structure, style, will no doubt help your business to stand out easily particularly when having the recent gloomy economic outlook. Our language specialists are here to help your company fine-tune your written materials which will then leave a good impression to your customers and perhaps more importantly, your potential customers.

 Learning English is FUN ......................


Our Organizers

1. H. M. Chiu

  Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language, City University of Hong Kong

  Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language, City University of Hong Kong

  Postgraduate Diploma in Education ˇV Language Education, City University of Hong Kong


2. C.K. Ho

  Doctor of Philosophy (Candidate) in Linguistics, Macquarie University, Australia

  Master of Arts in Language Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University

  Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry, Chinese University of Hong Kong

  Teacher Certificate, Hong Kong Institute of Education


Learning English is FUN ......................

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